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Occupational Therapy Services Address:

  • Self Regulation

  • Sensory Processing

  • Self Care Skills

  • Coordination

  • Ability to Create Ideas and Plans

  • Fine Motor Skills 

  • Balance

Parent Mentoring:

  • Helps You Use Positive Language With Your Child.

  • Creates Structure in Your Home.

  • Builds Positive Home Routines.

  • Identify Behaviors You Want To See in Your Child.

  • Build a Positive Relationship With Your Child.

  • Use Researched Based Strategies

  • Free 10 Minute On Demand Webinar 

On Demand Webinars for Professionals



On Demand Webinars

Girl Writing on Notebook

Solving The Handwriting Puzzle: Improving Handwriting and Building Students' Self Esteem.

The Solving the Handwriting Puzzle program was created for 2 main reasons. The first reason was to create a handwriting program that was linear and has easy to follow steps to teach and correct handwriting. The second reason this program was created, was to help build students' self esteem as  handwriters.  After 24 year of working as an occupational therapist, I have seen many students struggle with handwriting and have "emotional walls".  These "emotional walls" limit the students ability to improve their handwriting, due to their poor self image.  This program uses positive language and empowers the student to feel better about their handwriting, while at the same time improving their handwriting quality. 

grasp movement patterns and the balance of the hand.  Use of research and clinical experience will be shared to provide specific clinical observations of the hand for typing and handwriting. Average typing rate and necessary typing skills for the classroom will also be covered.

*2  contact hours

1. Discover 2 methods to improve students' self esteem.

2. Identify 5 steps to improve handwriting quality.

3. Identify at least 2 treatment strategies to improve letter reversals.

4. Identify how to address handwriting pressure.

5. Identify at least 2 treatment strategies to address lack of a hand dominance.

to promote a functional hand grasp.

*Learn how to identify the balance of the hand. 
*Identify 2 functional hand skills needed for typing.

Cost:  $29


On Demand Webinars

Positive Behavioral Strategies for Parents

Could you use a few tips to help you with parenting?  Parenting is not easy, most of us could use some guidance to become better at parenting! This is a 10 minute webinar, providing you with tips to use positive behavioral strategies with your children. The strategies discussed in this webinar have been used, by child development professionals for years, to help children improve their behavior and feel more confident.

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Experienced and Knowledgeable

  Karin H. Warner, MOT OTR/l 

  SIPT #3360

Karin  received  her Masters in Occupational Therapy, from Samuel Merritt University.   She has 24 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist. During this full career, she has worked in a variety of settings that helped her develop into a well rounded, insightful, and knowledgeable therapist. She worked in the public and charters schools, at Children’s Hospital, in early development, home health, and private practice.

Karin has instructed seminars nationally for Cross Country Education on the subjects of handwriting, ocular motor skills and sensory processing. She was invited to speak at OTAC's Spring Fling and at California's Regional Vision Therapists Forum. She was also published in Behavioral Aspects of Visual Care.



She was a great speaker! Felt Inspired.

-Anonymous, OTR/L

This course was a great combination of material...puts it in a form that will be simple to share with kids and educators.

-Jeanne, OTR/L

Totally appreciate all the new treatment ideas. 

-A.R., OTR/L

My Son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 5.  He had received physical therapy and occupational therapy in the past, but it never clicked.   When he began working with Karin, we began to see a great deal of change in him. Karin was wonderful about putting together a "sensory diet" that we could do in our home on a regular basis.  I would highly recommend Karin to anyone seeking one-on-one occupational therapy for their child. 


We were referred to Karin by our speech therapist. I was seeking services for my then 17 month old son, who presented with severe fine motor deficits related to his Autism diagnosis.  Not only has Karin been able to work with my son to meet (and in many cases exceed) his goals, she has proven to be and invaluable source of information regarding our son's sensory needs.  We were so impressed by her dedication and expertise, that we asked asked our 12 year old son's pediatrician for a referral to see Karin as well. She has begun working with our older son on his handwriting skills as well as sensory/emotion regulation issues related to ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. Karin is warm and engaging with her patients, their parent and is an essential component of both or our children's treatment programs!



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