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Hand Development: Functional Hand Skills for Handwriting and Typing.

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Are you able to identify how balanced a hand is? Or the stabilizing and mobilizing aspects of the hand? This webinar will highlight the hand development in early childhood.  Instruction will utilize videos and

photos to identify functional hand grasp movement patterns and the balance of the hand.  Use of research and clinical experience will be shared to provide specific clinical observations of the hand for typing and handwriting. Average typing rate and necessary typing skills for the classroom will also be covered.

*1.5  contact hours


*Learn hand development for age 0-60 months.
*Identify functional hand grasp movement. 
*Learn 4 clinical observations to assess a hand grasp.
*Learn 5 fine motor tasks to promote a functional hand grasp.

*Learn how to identify the balance of the hand. 
*Identify 2 functional hand skills needed for typing.

Cost:  $29